💰$Shiboo Token

The total and max supply of $Shiboo is 10,000,000,000 (10B). Only 5% is kept in the Treasury and 95% of the tokens are going into the Initial Liquidity Pool.

The team of Shiboo will provide the initial liquidity for the launch and we will utilize a 5% sell tax to increase Liquidity and potentially burn some of the supply of Shiboo. Additionally, we have plans to incentivize users to provide Liquidity for Shiboo by offering them rewards once ShibooSwap (Our Decentralized Exchange) is functioning.

Shiboo can be staked, which will allow users to participate in the Governance of the project, voting on different proposals and benefiting from the yield that comes from a percentage of the fees collected by the Shiboo ecosystem.

The BooPad, our Launchpad focused on DeFi, Metaverse, and GameFi will be accessed only through holding Shiboo tokens. Users will have different Tiers depending on the amount of tokens they hold, each tier has its benefits, like higher allocations or higher winning chances.

$Shiboo is also used in the purchase of NFTs which unlock Shiboo Survivors (our game). Players can get a discount when buying NFTs if they use $shiboo tokens.

Additionally, users or clients that want to pay for premium features on the Shiboo ecosystem can get discounts if they use $shiboo as payment.

Fees collected from our ecosystem like BooPad, ShibooSwap, Game, NFTs, and Shiboo Markets will be destined to burns, CEX liquidity in the future, more liquidity, and potential airdrops for users on other chains to attract them to the Casper Network.

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