NFT Marketplace

A Marketplace dedicated to NFTs that are part of games on the Casper Ecosystem. Specific features will be added like the ability to combine NFTs to create a new one, upgrade existing NFTs, view NFTs by game.

  • Multi-platform accessibility: Cross-platform reach (web, iOS, Android) capturing a wider user base, maximizing platform adoption

  • Casper wallet integration: Offer secure and user-friendly transactions with trusted Casper wallet connectivity

  • NFT browsing and purchasing: Deliver a seamless experience for discovering, collecting, and purchasing NFTs through a user-friendly interface

  • Collection creation: Empower gamers to showcase their gaming skills and build communities around their collections

  • Staking with variable APY: Attract investors by offering variable APYs for NFT staking, unlocking new value for collectors

  • Burn swaps: Engage users with our innovative burn swap system, allowing them to burn low value NFTs for a chance at minting high value random NFTs

  • User management and sales: Provide gamers and collectors with complete control over their NFTs, making sales, staking, and collection management effortless

  • Multiple sign-in options: Remove friction from the user journey with flexible sign-in options like Google, iOS, and Wallet Connect


  • Fractional ownership: Democratize NFT ownership by offering fractional shares, attracting a broader investor base

  • Governance: Create a community-driven platform by offering tokenized governance rights to users and investors

  • Social features: Nurture a thriving community with chat, forums, and social features, enhancing user experience and loyalty

  • Curated experiences: Stand out with curated NFT drops and collaborations, attracting premium collectors and driving platform exclusivity

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