Shiboo is more than just a token on Casper, it's a whole ecosystem of tools and platform to allow Casper Network users to utilize the chain at its fullest.

Shiboo will be divided into 5 main platforms starting with Shiboo Markets which is a tool that allows users to check the price of all tokens on Casper, as well as liquidity, volume and other important metrics. This tool is crucial for traders and holders.

Next is Shiboo Survivors, a survival reverse-bullet hell game with a Leaderboard to bring in users from other chains and users in general through GameFi. Players can participate in Tournaments and win $Shiboo.

Shiboo Pad is our Launchpad dedicated exclusively to projects related to DeFi, GameFi or Metaverse. It allows startups on Casper to raise funds and provides them with different tools to help them in the early stages.

Shiboo Swap is our innovative DEX on Casper, which will bring liquidity to the entire network through an innovative reward system to incentivize Liquidity Providers to provide liquidity.

NFT Marketplace: A marketplace for NFTs that are linked to games in the Casper Ecosystem.

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