Shiboo Markets

Shiboo Markets enables Casper Network users to track and analyze real-time data from all decentralized exchanges on Casper. Users will have access to a wide array of features:

  • A mobile responsive platform

  • Multi-DEX Source: Deliver data from all DEXs like CasperSwap and Friendly Market, offering investors a holistic view of Casper ecosystem liquidity

  • Data Consolidation: Tracking data of all pairs, price, volume, liquidity, and transactions

  • Sign in with Google / Apple: Minimize user onboarding friction with familiar login options and access

  • Integration with tradingview: Empower investors with powerful TradingView charts, unlocking detailed market insights and informed trading decisions

  • Advanced Filters and Sorting: Allow filtering by liquidity, volume, change, and other metrics for precise market analysis.

  • Watchlist

  • Delete Account

  • Ability to search tokens

  • Social Media Integration

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